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I’m Emily Parsons. I believe we all have the power to consciously and positively influence on a daily basis. Whether we are leading a team of one or a team of 100,000, we have the power to drastically change the lives of those around us. When I realized my thoughts, habits and small tasks had the power to create a life I had only dreamed of, all bets were off. I hope you leave this small corner of the internet feeling fired up and ready to start living the life you were destined to live!

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You’re Gold Girl!

It wasn’t long ago I was sitting at my desk feeling defeated by another long work week ahead. I kept telling myself there had to be more to life then punching a clock. Fast forward to today, and I am truly living out the life I was intended to live. What changed? I took a risk on myself and reminded myself daily that I was gold. Well girl, that’s why I am here now. To remind you daily, that you’re gold and you’re meant to live a life that fires you up!